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Protecting Our Ocean and Coast

Protecting and managing California's 1,100 miles of coastal and ocean resources while safeguarding the diversity and abundance of marine life for generations to come.

Photo Credit: Chad King

Marine Life Protection Act

In 2012, California completed the nation's first statewide system of marine protected areas (MPAs) in the state's open coastal waters. This milestone was accomplished through a public planning process informed by stakeholder input and the best available science, known as the MLPA Initiative. With the design phase now complete, approximately 16 percent of California's open coastal waters are covered by the statewide MPA network.

Ocean Protection Council

In 2004, the California Ocean Protection Act created the Ocean Protection Council. Since inception the council has leveraged millions of dollars to projects that help coordinate and improve the protection and management of California's ocean and coastal resources.

West Coast Governors' Agreement on Ocean Health

The governors of California, Oregon and Washington created the West Coast Governors' Agreement on Ocean Health. The agreement launched a proactive regional collaboration to protect and manage our shared ocean and coastal resources along the entire West Coast.

Pacific Coast Collaborative

The Pacific Coast Collaborative agreement among Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska and British Columbia is creating partnerships, policy and a forum for leadership, mutual action and a common voice on issues impacting the Pacific Coast region.

Oil Spill Prevention and Response

A comprehensive package of legislation was signed in 2008 that improves marine oil spill prevention and response, enhances the state's oiled wildlife search and rescue collection efforts, steps up enforcement and fines for polluters and for the first time focuses on inland oil spill prevention and response.