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Conserving Treasured Lands and Valuable Natural Resources

Conserving California's wilderness for preservation, protection, restoration of wildlife, and recreation.

Roadless Areas Will Remain Roadless

In 2009, California won a U.S. District Court settlement that requires the federal government to follow strict criteria limiting road-building and logging activities to ensure that California's pristine forest lands are preserved for future generations.

Sierra Nevada Conservancy

The conservancy covers more than 25 million acres and allocates grants to local governments for environmental protection, resource conservation, recreational opportunities, and economic development.

Hearst Ranch Conservation Agreement

California finalized an agreement to preserve the 82,000-acre Hearst Ranch, crown jewel of the central coast. This included protecting 13 miles of pristine coastline, formerly in private hands, for public use.

Tejon Ranch Conservation Agreement

The Tejon Ranch Conservation and Land-use Agreement, an historic agreement between Tejon Ranch landowners and conservation and environmental groups that will permanently preserve up to 90 percent of the 270,000-acre ranch, which is the largest ever privately-conserved parcel of land.